Welcome everyone

The Dar Antonio is the home of all those who go there, throughout the day and stay.

A great experience of life in tourism has guided my concern for the best possible welcome in a very quiet place, so that everything, from colors to decoration, gives the feeling that one feels good, here, as at home.

Open since 2008, the renovation of this 16th century traditional house took me 6 years, to give it this typical style of the Chefchaouen Arab-Andalusian guest house (Dar).

The 7 rooms have all been designed in a different way, with many very traditional objects, giving priority to the care of the details against a folk accumulation.

The first reaction of our guests is often the astonishment and the pleasure, born of an impression of a small Dar outside but which reveals itself to be big inside, supplemented by my concern for the greater availability that l accompany.

This calm and peaceful atmosphere is part of the daily life of a blue, fraternal and picturesque city, which really deserves the greatest superlatives.

Quickly, the upper terrace will be enlarged, to reinforce the feeling that the Dar is the home of all those who enter in.



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